Bushcraft Knife Ljubomir Stanisic X Telmo Roque


It is a bushcraft knife, thought from scratch by chef Ljubomir Stanisic and cutler Telmo Roque to be used for this purpose. But also to be taken into the kitchen, allowing a diversified use and adapted to different situations.
Made entirely by hand, it is also a unique, unrepeatable piece of art, and it is not possible to find two knives that are completely the same.
The carbon steel D2 blade has a simple and robust design for good performance in hunting or survival activities, while the handle design embraces ergonomics to ensure comfort in the range of positions and functions to be adopted.
The cable is made of olive wood from the maintenance of family farms, establishing a circular economy and creating a valuable chain where, in exchange for raw material, the land is cleansed, with a grip reinforced by a band of hemp rope soaked in resin and brass hardware.
The leather holster with raw finish and D2 aged brass hardware is used to give the knife proper protection and packaging in the context of use, with the raw language that marks the identity of Ljubomir Stanisic.

Bushcraft knife with carbon steel D2 blade, olive wood handle, grip reinforced by a hemp rope band embedded in resin and brass fittings.
Leather holster with raw finish and aged brass hardware

105mm blade. Overall length: 220mm


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