Eco-ashtray Ljubomir Stanisic X Biataki


Biataki is an eco-ashtray created to put an end to the plague of cigarette butts lying on the ground, one of the most abundant debris in the world (in Portugal alone, in 2019, seven thousand cigarette butts were thrown to the ground every minute).

Handcrafted with cane and a cork lid, obtained from reused bottle stoppers, this small eco-ashtray produced in Portugal and personalized with the Ljubomir Stanisic logo, serves not only as a deposit for cigarette butts but also for other small litter we accumulate the throughout the day, from paper receipts to plastic wrappings. Lightweight, durable and reusable, it easily fits in your pocket or purse, so you can always take it anywhere, no excuses.

So that in the end, each debris can follow its path – leaving all the paths we pass unmarked.

Personalized pocket eco-ashtray with Ljubomir Stanisic logo, handcrafted from cane and cork (from reused bottle stoppers)

3.5 X 3.5 X 13 cm


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