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Flower Power tea


When two souls cross paths, when intensity and delicacy are united in a common goal, when drinking tea is a ritual of beauty and introspection… Flower Power is the magic of duality. Because not everything is just black or white, because it is at the crossroads that we meet, this blend signed by Ljubomir Stanisic and Nina Gruntkowski, seeks elegance in roughness, delicacy in strength, beauty in (im) perfection – and finds it.

The flowers of the Camellia sinensis plants are joined by the green tea leaves of the Camélia teas summer harvest. There are overwhelming passions, but also unconditional loves. We close our eyes and, from this tea plantation in the North of Portugal, a power that is being built arises: the power of dream.

A tea with the delicate aroma of small flowers and the elegant and complex body of green tea, with low caffeine content, rich in antioxidants and many vitamins and minerals to strengthen the body and soul. To celebrate life. With a lot of power.

Camellia sinensis flowers and leaves tea
70g wood box

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