Bistromania – No Bistro como em Casa (Signed)


Ljubomir StanisicMónica Franco.
September 2018, Casa das Letras/Leya. 304 pages.

Book signed by Ljubomir Stanisic
Awarded in the Autumn Harvest List of Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2020

“Bistromania – No Bistro como em casa” is a book, but it is also a life story. It is about a restaurant, Bistro 100 Maneiras by Ljubomir Stanisic, but it is above all a personal piece that makes us feel at home. The chef’s home made ours in a snap. Bistromania is not a cookbook, but in these 300 pages we compile about 100 recipes for food and cocktails, to repeat at home and make Bistro our home – and make our home a Bistro. It is a work of the mediatic chef of “Pesadelo na Cozinha” (the Portuguese version of Kitchen Nightmares), but there are many other people inside. It’s about a restaurant, but we also talk about art and music, people who mark us every day, friends. And then we have food… Lots of it and good: for a quick bite, to share, to eat with your hands, for the brave, for vegetarians, for grownups and kids, sweet and salty, alcoholic and probiotic, wines to feel… We are a book, we are a restaurant, we are people. We are Lisbon, we are Portugal in every way. And flavors!

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