Sardine Ljubomir Stanisic x Bordallo Pinheiro


“In Stanisic’s Skin”

The sardine is skin for Ljubomir Stanisic. His skin, part of who he is. It was the Atlantic fish that held the Yugoslavian cook to Portugal – and the sardine is at the top of his preferences’ list. It is not drawn on his skin, but inside this Bordallo Pinheiro sardine are inscribed some of the tattoos that Hugo Makarov has been drawing in the skin of the chef of 100 Maneiras restaurants over the last 15 years. Illustrations that run through Ljubomir’s life, from his childhood in Bosnia to the family grown and raised in Portugal. There is blood, sweat and tears in these paintings. Pictures of a chef’s life.

Stoneware piece.
18.5cm x 3.5cm. 0.06kg

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